Suie sitting on a cliff edge looking back up at us,wearing a white sleeveless shirt

The artist and her work...

Ever since I was a little girl I can vividly remember the joy I experienced whenever I was creating something. Whether it was coloring a picture with crayons, weaving pot holders, making furniture and clothes for my dolls, sculpting clay figures or sewing on my mother’s sewing machine, I enjoyed every minute of creating. To this day I still find I have the same childhood joy.

I have not formally studied art, but I have taken many art classes and have explored many mediums. While exploring different art forms I came across the beautiful gourd and fell in love with its possibilities. A close second is working with glass.

I have also enjoyed sharing the joy of creating with my daughter while she was growing up. To this day we continue to enjoy exploring and creating together. 

Through the years I have also designed and created stage props for two local Ballet Companies. I have created everything from wood like paper mache violins, carousel hobby horses, life size woodland tree stumps, clay like paper mache greek vases and many other interesting and fun props. 

I have also donated my art creations to silent auctions to help raise money for a few non profit groups that are dear to my heart.

For me my art and craft is a journey I take every day of my life. Each piece I create reflects the beauty, joy and delight I try to find in every day.

This website explores the beauty of gourds and also explores my love for other forms of art. If you are interested or have any questions with anything you see on this website please contact me. I would enjoy hearing from you. Also, many of my gourd and fused glass pieces are for sale. Contact me for details and price. Or visit me at .


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